I'm Weasel! This is my peronsal little site thing! Not sure what I'll put here besides some other coding stuff! My progress on other projects, other sites that I'm inspired by.... literally that's all.

Brief To-Do List

I'll code a proper one later but not right now <3
  • individual pages
  • fill in that empty spot to the lower right
  • more substantial footer
  • gather all my inspos
  • customize this dreary list code
  • give the update stickies different colors, also maybe rotate some
  • seperate the black n white doodles from the rest of the wrapper bg, also turn them into a gif. also just fix the wrapper
  • think of more pages
  • decide who to make shrines for
  • make the time section prettier
  • more buttons would be nice
  • make a button?

Current Inspo

I'm going to quickly list these here in case i lose them like my laptop dies suddenly or something!! i want to make a page dedicated to inspo tho My Button!

Not sure if i do actually want to make other webmaster friends but i do like the novelty of having my own button! I still don't know neocity etiquette hehe
Fetching Time...
feeling: secretive =.=
weasy's first 88x31s
May 11, 2024
Added a commissions page, got rid of the Colors TCG page (i dont think id ever play it tbh seems like too big a commitment) made the comms page pretty much the same as the index but changed some colors n got rid of some elements. I have to update it with the link to my examples once I get that sheet finished.
May 10, 2024
Made the wrapper wider, made the nav fit to content (the buttons), tentatively adding a placeholder code for the commissions page
March 27, 2024
Changed the site name from webweasel to e-weasel bc i realized it's much too close to webcatz and i respect them too much to have a name so similar haha,, updated the wooly position to be based off percentages. polished the update section to make it more versatile. Updated the header art + added the spinning swirl. updated the footer so it's at the bottom of the page instead of the bottom of the screen. made the background scroll more nicely + updated the wrapper bg, making it repeatable
March 24, 2024
Gave the wooly code a transition instead of an animation, exactly how I wanted! added a 404 page and linked neocities to the footer. made a button for my site, added a projects page and coded everything on there. only thing left for that page is to add an "x" to the pop-ups and also put other cute magnets on the desktop. also fix the issue with the popup sometimes being transparent. also fix it so the tabbed interface show the most recent entry first, not the last entry... apparently this update container has an issue where the height will get longer based off the length of the content... have to fix that....
March 23, 2024
The day this site was created! header, nav, time, content, button carosel, wooly, updates, background, and footer were all developped.